Craft Project: Hand-Painted Cat Photo Frames

The same client who ordered the sunflower photo frames has also ordered a set of hand-painted cat photo frames featuring a tortoiseshell cat.

Cat sketches on triptych frame

Cat sketches on triptych frame – click to view larger

I enlisted my daughter Maria’s help to draw the cats because she does them so well! We worked on the sketches together until we came up with a design we both liked.

Below is a photo of the frames with the rust-colored background laid in.

I painted these frames using a non-toxic acrylic paint and sealed them with clear non-toxic sealer.

rust paint background

click to view larger

Toys and cat bodies blocked in; faces still blank

Toys and cat bodies blocked in; faces still blank. Click to view larger.

The finished frames

The finished frames – Click to view larger

I had a lot of fun painting these cats. I love cats, and tortoiseshell kitties are so very pretty.

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