Craft Project: Hand-Painted Sunflower Frames

Craft project: Hand-painted sunflower frames

I’ve been corresponding with a client since before Christmas about a special project she wanted undertaken: hand-painted triptych sunflower photo frames. Recently, she finally gave the go-ahead to collect the materials and begin the project.

Hand-painted sunflower photo frames in progress

Sunflower photo frames in progress – Click to view larger

My process:

  • Sketch in the artwork
  • paint in the background colors and dark tones in the center of each flower
  • lightly block in the yellow petals
  • Add details and depth to the petals, leaves, and flower centers
  • Add layers of highlights until flowers are the right shades of golden yellow

Here is another photo of the work in progress:

Color blocked in.

Color blocked in. Click to view larger.

I was very happy with how the frames turned out:

The finished frames before spraying with clear coat.

The finished frames before spraying with clear coat. Click to enlarge.

sunflower frames final

Sunflower frames final: Click to enlarge.

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