Whimsical Tiny Pumpkin Houses

Check out these whimsical tiny pumpkin houses…

I love fall, especially fall colors. The color of the leaves as they turn and fall off the trees, and the color of grasses drying in the sun. And of course, I love the color of fall pumpkins.

I’m not such a fan of Halloween, though, so when I get to thinking about fall and fall color, and what I want to make to celebrate, I don’t tend to turn my thoughts to pumpkins. This year was different. This year, I have tiny houses on the brain.

The past few days I’ve been hard at work, creating whimsical tiny pumpkin houses.

I’ve made eight of these delectable little darlings, plus a design featuring all eight pumpkins in a village setting. I thought it might be fun to post one a day until I’ve shared them all, and talk about what inspired me when creating each one. Then I thought–no–I have too many things to do to create that many posts just about pumpkins!

So I’m just going to talk about all of them here instead, and maybe I’ll revisit them for another post later when I’ve made more products.

Peter Peter’s Tiny Pumpkin House

Fairytale Pumpkin night sceneThis tiny pumpkin house was inspired by Peter Peter Pumpkin Eater. In keeping with the Mother Goose/Nursery Rhyme theme, I wanted to give this delectable little house a cozy, Black Forest appeal. Propped up on tiny stumps, this tiny two-story charmer features rustic wood frames on the glass windows and a wooden porch. Step inside and you’ll find tea for two waiting on the entryway table.

In selecting this pumpkin for my creative efforts, I paid special attention to the fine beading of the skin and the beautiful reddish-orange color. I also liked the added character of the dimpled blossom end on the roof.

Bo-Peep’s Cottage

peanut skin pumpkin palaceI designed this cute cottage using a peanut skin pumpkin. On the surface, peanut skin pumpkins look a little ugly and unprepossessing, but don’t be fooled! The reason for the bumpy lumpy bits on this pumpkin is all the sugar in the skin.

I’ve turned it into a rustic charmer with heart-shaped windows and a fun door.

Cinderella’s Rustic Pumpkin She-Shed

What made this particular pumpkin unique was the orientation of the pumpkin (on its side), and the funky twisted stem. I added a fancy green door that reminds me of Cinderella’s coach–only better–and some fun copper awnings modeled on painted metal awnings that I’ve seen around Lincoln, Nebraska.

Jack Sprat’s Honeymoon Pumpkin

This white pumpkin cottage is perfect for a pair of honeymooners. I like how the green frames accent the windows and door.

The gourds overflowing the window box probably took the most time out of this entire design.

Little Miss Muffet’s Pumpkin Tuffet

Here’s another orange pumpkin: the largest one I’ve photographed to date.

I was attracted to it by the curl and gorgeous color of the stem.

You may notice, peeking through the doors and windows on several of my designs, that these houses have things in them. Challenges on this particular design included the stairs and the candle. It also took multiple efforts to perfect the curvature of the “glass” in the window holding the candle, and line everything up to my satisfaction.

Wee Willie Winkie’s Pumpkin Retreat

This is my favorite of all my whimsical tiny pumpkin houses: blue-green pumpkin with open lime green door and shutters.

This is my favorite of all my whimsical tiny pumpkin houses.

For my favorite pumpkin design, I made chairs with blue velvet upholstery, a dresser, and little pendant lamps with green shades. I also added the bright green door and shutters on the windows make the perfect accents.

Humpty Dumpty’s Little Nest

Given the time of year, I just had to throw in a “spooky” pumpkin. I reused the chairs in this design but gave the rooms behind the windows and door wallpaper and parquet flooring.

Mary Quite Contrary’s Tiny Pumpkin Cottage

I didn’t need as much from this pumpkin design because of its placement in the final collection, so all I gave it is a few windows.

Here’s what I did with all those cute little pumpkin houses:

whimsical tiny pumpkin housesI’ve also created a collection of housewarming invitations featuring individual pumpkins on Zazzle. You can find them here:

Stacks of tiny pumpkin houses against a light blue sky: click through to purchase a wallpaper on Spoonflower

Click through to purchase this wallpaper on Spoonflower

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