Scarlet and Cream Spring Tulips

Scarlet and cream spring tulips are a big deal around here.

The tulips haven’t put in an appearance around here yet, but spring is definitely on the way. It just comes a bit later here in Nebraska than points further south. But I can’t wait for spring, can you?

I’m really looking forward to all the colorful flowers, the scent of flowering crabapples blooming, the daffodils, the tulips…For instance, these scarlet and cream spring tulips.

scarlet and cream tulips

Scarlet and cream are a big deal around here because this is Nebraska, and everyone’s favorite football team–the Huskers–wears red and white jerseys.

To celebrate the Huskers, various enterprises around town create scarlet and cream themed products, such as the scarlet and cream ice cream found at the Dairy Store. Featuring ribbons of strawberry jam and vanilla cream, that scarlet and cream ice cream is insanely delicious! It’s also the perfect way to cool down after a long spring walk among the blooming trees and flower beds next door in the arboretum.

The gardening team at the Sunken Gardens also likes to work Huskers references into their gardens. Recently, one of these references has taken the form of scarlet and cream tulips.

Aren’t they absolutely gorgeous?

I used one of my photos of these scarlet and cream spring tulips to create a gift wrap collection:

scarlet and cream gift wrap collection - click through to purchase

Scarlet and cream gift wrap collection – click through to purchase

I can really see this gift wrap being used for birthdays for women or girls, for wrapping Easter presents, for graduation presents for high school and college graduations, and even for weddings. Can’t you?

What would you use this gift wrap for? Who would really appreciate a gift wrapped in scarlet and cream spring tulips?

All of these lovely gift wrap designs and more can be found in my Scarlet and Cream Tulips Gift Wrap collection.

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