Zazzle’s New Acrylic Tumblers

Zazzle has added an exciting new line of products: acrylic tumblers with colorful lids and straws in your choice of blue, green, pink, purple, red, or black.

NEW custom acrylic tumblers from Zazzle - buy now

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You’re going to love these tumblers!


Because they’re great for using at work, at the gym, in school, and at daycare. They’re also great for hanging out at the beach with a book or for grabbing a quick sip between phone calls. Take one along to your neighbor’s… backyard BBQ or use it as the next step up from sippy cups with molded lids for your favorite preschooler.

Bookaholics, the librarian will love you! Only covered beverages are allowed in the library. Keep those treasured pages dry while sipping your favorite cold beverage.

Computer programmers, IT professionals, data entry specialists, designers, online marketers–you know who you are–our computers are valuable equipment.

Do you ever do this?

Sometimes in the middle of a hectic day, I’ll forget why I need to keep liquids far, far away from my keyboard. I bring in that tall, refreshing drink of iced tea, and set it down next to my keyboard. Everything will be great until a cat gets curious or I forget where I set my drink down–and suddenly, bump–SPLASH! It’s all over the keyboard, and ZAP. That keyboard is finished.

It’s fairly easy to find a cheap replacement keyboard, but–that good keyboard that I’ve just broken in to where the keys are so comfortable, they’re like extensions of my fingers–that can be a lot harder to replace.

Keep your valuable electronics safe from dangerous spills with a
personalized acrylic tumbler that showcases your personality.

Mom, you’ll love these acrylic tumblers. Buy one for each child and personalize it. Your kids will love having their own special tumbler. These tumblers fit in the cup holders in your car. They fit in the holder on the treadmill too.

Place your used tumblers in the dishwasher at the end of every evening, pull the clean ones out at the start of each new day, and cut down on the number of cups that wander off to be lost in odd corners of your home! Added bonus: fewer germs shared around by kids getting confused on whose cup is whose.

Buy your personalized tumblers here.

For help in personalizing a tumbler or any other item on Zazzle,
please feel free to contact me.

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