Jackrabbits Trot

Jackrabbits don’t hop like little bunnies. No, jackrabbits lope and trot. They also gallop. I discovered this for the first time when I was six.

Jackrabbit trot limited palette design

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One of the things I really love about western Nebraska–besides the wonderful and amazing people in my family who live there–is the beauty of all those wide open spaces. There’s something extra special about the clean purity of the air sweeping over the high plateau (when California isn’t trying to burn to a charred crisp). I love the blue of the sky out west, and the sunflowers in the autumn, and…the jackrabbits year-round.

Oh, those funny jackrabbits! They just don’t move like you’d expect a rabbit to. They seem to be part greyhound or racehorse. We’ll be driving along in our car and a jackrabbit will take off galloping down the road in front of us. Or riding horses, and suddenly, there’s one of those funny rabbits with ears like a donkey’s trotting away across the prairie. I love to watch them run. They’re amazing…

They were also my inspiration for Jackrabbits Trot.

Cute Jackrabbits Butterflies Blue Kid's Flip Flops

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I created this design for a limited color palette challenge on Spoonflower designed around Pantone’s color of the year, coral. I wanted to include things from nature that you can find in western Nebraska, so I added yellow butterflies, coral-colored ferns, little mushrooms, and coral-colored wild roses.

I love the wild roses out west. They’re so beautiful in the spring and such a delicate shade of pink. They also have a lovely scent. I really had to include the wild roses, because for me, they go together with jackrabbits.

I enjoyed this challenge! This artwork is available for sale now.

Jackrabbits Trot Collection

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