The Sweetest Momma and Baby Elephant

Check out this momma and baby elephant! Isn’t this the sweetest momma and baby elephant you’ve ever seen?

Where did they come from? Oh yeah…

Click through to shop my Sweet Elephants Fabric Collection on Zazzle

Click through to shop my Sweet Elephants Fabric Collection on Zazzle.

I’ve been working on designs for fabrics, wallpaper, and wrapping paper on Spoonflower. I got inspired to create a design to enter in the Bohemian Paradise contest.

At least, that’s where this whole thing started this week. I was just sure I had the right sketch to use for this… Well, I did and I didn’t–it turned out that gray elephants really do look nicest on pastel colors, and–that doesn’t seem very Bohemian to me. Neither does that baby elephant.

I’m going to have to try again.

But in the meantime, I had this cute elephants artwork.

When a friend asked if I would be creating coordinating fabrics, I thought, what a great idea.

Elephant babies design collection

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And then I went from having one design on seven colors to ten designs for a total of seventy different files, plus. So…crazy! But it seems like every new idea requires a slightly different design.

Some of these designs I will probably never use because they didn’t work out. That’s all right because sometimes it’s necessary to experiment to find the best arrangement of design elements. This design on the right, for instance–the design that started this whole craziness. I like it a lot, but there are things that I just don’t entirely love about it. It would be fantastic on a full panel design and I might use it for that, but as a repeating design, I just don’t like it that much.

Coming up with these Momma and Baby Elephant designs was fun, but it took a little work.

Sweet elephants and jungle leaves craft supplies collection on Zazzle

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I took this design and separated out the various elements so that I had three elephant patterns (which later became five): one with tropical leaves, one with daisies and butterflies, and one with just elephants on pastel colors.

Then I took the butterflies and made a set of designs with just butterflies, and another one with daisies and butterflies. And I took the leaves… I had to try more than once to get a design that I liked. Now I have three, and two turned out very nice.

I’m not done adding all of the possible product designs to my new collections, but I just had to share. I’ll update this post as there’s more to show.

Meanwhile, how do you like my elephants? Please let me know in the comments down below.

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