Can Elephants Dance the Hula?

Can elephants dance the hula? I wondered as I considered options for new artwork to submit to the Bohemian Paradise Challenge on Spoonflower.

My last effort at a good Bohemian Paradise entry took a hairpin turn into so baby elephant cute, I felt it lost the Bohemian feel altogether.

I really needed to try again. Hmmm… Elephants are tropical, pop a lei and a wrap on one, and it might even look Bohemian. Bohemian elephants dancing…

Shop for cute hula elephants fabric and craft supplies on Zazzle

Shop for cute hula elephants fabric and craft supplies on Zazzle

Can Elephants dance the Hula?

I don’t know if they can in real life, but in my artwork, they certainly can. They do!

Cute elephants in tropical wraps dancing the hula

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Cute elephants dressed in colorful Hawaiian wraps and frangipani leis dance the hula against a background of philodendron leaves and large frangipani blossoms on a variety of colorful backgrounds. See all the available options here.

Why elephants?

Well, I was already on a roll with the momma and baby elephant, so I thought, why not? And then–I thought about how elephants are strong and intelligent, and never forget anything. Elephants also usually seem to be having a good time. We can’t hear them, but I understand that when elephants hum, it’s quite a powerful thing. The vibrations–below the human threshold of hearing–can travel for miles.

I figured elephants would definitely want to party, and of course, they’re going to have a blast while still partying responsibly and keeping in touch with their parents. They’re great role models that way! You just have to accept that sometimes they do leave elephant-sized messes and, well–they may not do that great a job of cleaning up after themselves.

But they still look fantastic in soft, silky Hawaiian wraps.

Hula Elephants Coloring Page

A friend liked my artwork and thought that it would also make a great coloring page, so I’ve added it here for that purpose.

Click thru to download the PDF.

Licensing for this design is Personal Use Only. This design for coloring is all rights reserved except for the permission I am specifically granting here for personal use, and the permission to share your finished coloring page on social media as long as you don’t remove my copyright or attempt to sell my work as yours.

I do not give permission to use this artwork commercially or in a printed work, or for signage or other promotional materials for business.

If you agree to these terms, please click on the elephant to open the PDF and save it to your computer.

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