Fall In Love With Color

I fall in love with color all the time.

The vibrant color of a blazing sunset; the soft grays and blues of rippling lake water reflecting a cloudy sky; the shiny black-green leaves and blacker berries of an ornamental pepper… I fell in love with colors and shapes all over again when I was creating kaleidoscopic images for an upcoming challenge on Spoonflower.

Fall leaves kaleidoscope design: a perfect way to fall in love with color

This design–created from a photo of fall leaves–evoked an emotional response from me. I’ve created other artwork from that particular photo too; a digital watercolor painting with a single red maple leaf two thirds over and another two thirds down to the right resting atop a colorful pile of other leaves–The painting is lovely, but–this–this is amazing.

These colors knock my socks off, particularly that mauve. The gold, orange, and blue slate are very nice too…

What does it take to make you fall in love with color? Maybe I can find the perfect combination of colors that will do it for you too.

Would you like to fall in love with the color blue?

I love blue…

Take this kaleidoscope design, for instance. It reminds me of a formal garden at twilight with a fountain in the center. created in hues of blue with touches of purple, these colors are vibrant.

I created this design from a photo of an ornamental pepper plant. It’s a nice plant–don’t get me wrong, and a very nice photo. But–this–has a glow to it that makes me want to follow the maze to find the secret room at the center, and listen to the fountain splashing as night deepens, stealing the color from the sky…

Or maybe you’re already in love with the color green?

Green is amazing, how it manages to be so cool and refreshing one moment, like this kaleidoscope design created from a flowering hosta, or wildly explosive the next, like the design below.

Could you fall in love with this color of green?


It all depends on the shade of the green, the other colors accenting it, blending into it–If the image below doesn’t jump out and grab you, and make you pay attention–how are you even alive?

This wild design was created from a humble coleus plant with chartreuse green leaves. The original photo is nothing extraordinary, but after seeing this, I’m guessing that we’ll never either one of us view coleus plants in quite the same way again.

Maybe you prefer red…

If so, then you might enjoy this red kaleidoscopic design with gold and plum accents. The arrangement of the elements in this design strongly remind me of the kaleidoscopes I played with as a child, with shiny little glass or plastic jewels mirrored in patterns that shifted in a never-ending array of possible designs.

The photo I created it from was of red celosia or cockscomb growing beside some yellow flowers and purple coleus. When the kaleidoscope maker turned up this design, I was thrilled! I hope you are too.

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