Art Nouveau Fabric Collection

I love my new Art Nouveau Fabric Collection! It’s the bomb! Or should I say that it’s the sun peeking out from behind a puffy cloud in my celadon blue sky? Whichever way you look at it, I love it– and I hope you will too.

It takes forty-two six-inch square swatches to fill up a yard of printed fabric. Why is this important? It’s important because… every time I create enough swatches to fill a yard, I try to do so because it’s a much better deal to buy one yard with 42 swatches than it is to buy just a swatch or two at a time from Spoonflower. I just filled up another yard of swatches–so now I get to post these for sale.

Celadon Blue Dirigibles Fabric

Fabric by the Yard Art Nouveau Steampunk Dirigibles blue fabric from Spoonflower features antique dirigibles or blimps floating in a celadon blue sky among the wafting air currents and puffy little clouds.

Click through to buy this design on fabric by the yard, wallpaper, and home decor.

Back to my Art Nouveau fabric collection: I’ve created six Art Nouveau designs for fabric. Three colorways feature steampunk dirigibles (on celadon blue, pink, and sepia), two feature seasonal vignettes, and one celebrates motherhood and boys. I’ve posted them for sale on Spoonflower, and now they’re available for you to buy and enjoy.

Shown here on the left is my Art Nouveau Steampunk Dirigibles design on celadon blue.

What can you make with this? How about pillows, curtains, and a bedspread for bedroom decor?

This design would work well in a steampunk-themed quilt or as wallpaper in a crafting room. And what could be better for a shower curtain than this delightful steampunk design?

Sepia Dirigibles Design Fabric


Art Nouveau Steampunk Click through to buy fabric by the yard, wallpaper and home decor. Dirigibles sepia bedding from Spoonflower. The sun is a brass gear. Details on the dirigibles provide tiny pops of color.

Click through to purchase this design on fabric, wall paper,and home decor.

While it prints well on cotton (and I have the swatch to prove it), the softness of this design would also lend itself well to fabric with a nap or stretch to it, like a stretchy knit for pajamas or soft celosia velvet for a sophisticated set of pillows.

I really enjoyed working with this design so much, that I had to create two more colorways in sepia and in pink. The sepia fabric is more vintage in coloration. I created it for the young men in my life who prefer a more masculine set of colors and themes for home decor and bedding. I think my son might enjoy this.

 Art Nouveau Steampunk Dirigibles pink pillow from Spoonflower. Purple breezes waft dirigibles between fluffy clouds on a pretty pink background. Click thru for fabric by the yard, wallpaper, and home decor.

Click thru to buy this design on fabric, wall paper, and home decor.

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