Art Nouveau Seasons

Whether it’s the seasons of the year or the seasons of life, Art Nouveau is the perfect design medium for exploring the beautiful changes that time brings.

It takes forty-two six-inch square swatches to fill up a yard of printed fabric. This is important because it’s a much better deal to buy one yard with 42 swatches than it is to buy just a swatch or two at a time from Spoonflower. I just filled up another yard of swatches–so now I get to post these for sale and tell you all about them.

I’ve created six Art Nouveau designs for this fabric collection. Two feature the seasonal vignettes and one celebrates motherhood and boys. I’ve posted them for sale on Spoonflower, and now they’re available for you to buy for your crafting and sewing needs, and enjoy.

Momma’s Blessing on Periwinkle

Momma's Blessing fabric in periwinkle

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Art Nouveau often celebrates the human form, so I wanted to create a design that incorporated people–and especially the blessings of children and family.

This fabric design is a tribute to the joy my son brought into my life when he was born. The woman in the design might have been me: I really did have beautiful long hair like that for a while. My son was the joy and delight of my life for six years before his sister was born. Then, they both were, and they filled my heart so very full.

I hope to create another design on a soft pink as a companion piece in honor of my lovely daughter.

A note: yes, the preborn baby in this design is floating in a circle instead of an oblong “womb” shape. This is not intended to be a scientific rendering. Circular elements feature prominently in Art Nouveau designs, and I wanted to repeat the circular shape here, so I did. I think of him as wrapped and protected in the circle of his mother’s love.

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Art Nouveau Seasons
Art Nouveau Seasons round tablecloth

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This design was my first foray into creating an Art Nouveau design. Art Nouveau is all about organic lines and muted colors. It has flow, and a certain asymmetrical quality to it, although elements can repeat. The colors range from delicately muted to rich jewel tones. Circles and sliver-moon shapes feature prominently in these designs, as do leaves, botanical themes, and elements from nature.

I wanted to incorporate all of this in my design, so I created creamy sliver moon shapes inset in circles and embellished them with brown and gold, then rotated each design to offset it, and added a botanical or floral element to depict a season. Under the seasonal vignettes, layers of stylized leaf shapes add texture and movement on the blue background.

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Art Nouveau Seasons and Spirals
Art Nouveau seasons vignettes with spirals duvet cover

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While I liked the first seasonal design that I created, I wondered what would happen if I grouped the circular vignettes and created space between the groupings. I wanted to allow more of that gorgeous blue background to show throw. The result: I grouped the irises, roses, oak leaves and holly in a diamond pattern, creating an open space that I filled with a spiral. This design looks particularly lovely as wallpaper, but I also like the look of it on a duvet cover, a throw, and especially, pillows.

I do think I like this design a little better for many things, although I’m also keeping and selling the first one as well. What do you think?

Click on the image above for ready-made designs featuring this artwork.

What do you think of my lovely Art Nouveau Steampunk Fabric? Would you like me to create more designs like these? Leave me a comment about what you like, and I’ll work to create a design just for you.

I also create custom one-of-a-kind designs for clients. Contact me if you’d like to become one of my clients, explain your design needs, and I’ll be happy to give you a quote.

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