ArtAndDesign replaces ContraryMarket

ArtAndDesign replaces Contrary Market…

What do you do when you realize that you’d really prefer to keep all of your creative efforts together under one website “roof”? You create a subdomain! Whether you use an ampersand or spell it out with the and, ArtAndDesign is replacing ContraryMarket.

ArtandDesign website logo in mauve and cream.

My new website logo! What do you think?

I’m still working on rebuilding this website, but I hope to have it back up to speed shortly. Once it’s finished, ContraryMarket will redirect here until that domain name expires. If you’ve signed up for my newsletters via ContraryMarket, I recommend signing up again here, as I can’t guarantee that my list from there will be carried over to ArtandDesign.

My inspiration for the website colors: variegated coral bells leaves in shades of purple, red, and green.

My inspiration for the website colors: variegated coral bells leaves.

My Custom Stores list as well as my Catalog (still a work in progress) of custom print on demand designs are hosted here, plus this creates a great space to talk about new designs and collections as I create and list them for sale.

This is also my opportunity to update this website and really bring it into the new decade. WordPress is great for so many things, but sometimes it needs a remodel to freshen it up!

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