I know enough to be dangerous

I know enough to be dangerous. I’m guessing you do too. Oh–dangerous how? Well, take this website, for instance. I’ve been messing with themes ever since I moved the site. I felt it needed a new look, and–I was going to figure out how to do it myself. Hah– Like I said, I know enough to be dangerous…

This kaleidoscope design looks a little dangerous to me. Does it look dangerous to  you too?

This kaleidoscope design looks a little dangerous to me. Does it look dangerous to  you too?

So I went to see what I could on my own without bothering my webmaster. She’s been busy with other clients, and — I really can do quite a lot on a WordPress site without needing her to fix my mistakes all the time. How hard could this be?

I discovered a theme that I hoped would work. Oooh–goody. I set it up–and it…sorta worked. I wasn’t thrilled with the front page, though, or the header, or…. Oh wow–that was–awful! I couldn’t figure out how to make it let me have the pictures I wanted on the front page or any of the other things that I really like. Like I said, I’m dangerous–but at least I’m also smart enough to know when to quit before I REALLY screw things up. I gave in and messaged my webmaster–or in this case, webmistress. Marilynn Dawson is amazing and gracious, and sweet–She not only fixed the theme for this website, but she found a theme that works for all three of my websites (that took some serious effort). I really like it. I hope you do too.

Since she was so kind, I thought I’d give her nice plug here: if you want great service for your website, fantastic website help and tips, maybe a lot of handholding, maybe not that much–whatever you want out of a website, you need to talk to Marilynn Dawson. She really is fantastic when it comes to keeping a website up and running, and making it work well. Contact her via fa-ct.com. Tell her I sent you.

The whole point of making the website pretty was so I could show off more of my artwork. I’m getting to that. I think this picture illustrates where I am today pretty well:

I haven’t added this design to any products yet, but I have plans for it– If you have some suggestions for where you’d like to see it, leave a comment!

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