An Imperfect Photo Makes Great Art

What turns an imperfect photo into an opportunity to create great art?

White tulips bubbles metal print--created from my imperfect photo.

Click through to purchase my imperfectly perfect photo!

Would you believe me if I said–just about anything?

These white tulips were so beautiful, and I didn’t want to ditch the photo, but there was this spot, this discoloration… and nothing I tried was going to blend it in! What an imperfect photo!

The one saving grace: the damaged area was perfectly round.

I became inspired! I thought that this spot might look great as a bubble. Soap bubbles, champagne bubbles… bubbles are so fun and…well… bubbly! The tulips reminded me a little of goblets…

Turning the damaged spot into a soap bubble highlighted something I hadn’t seen before: a single pink tulip petal. How sweet!

Making the bubbles wasn’t all that difficult. Neither was cropping this image or blacking out the background. But that’s okay: great art doesn’t have to be complicated. Sometimes it just leaps right out of our imaginations and onto the canvas.

I decided to experiment with the canvas medium while I was at it, too: I’ve set this design up as a metal print. Metal has great qualities for prints. The purity of the colors, the added sheen and durability. I think it’s going to be awesome. This design measures twenty-four inches by thirty-six, but Zazzle also offers it in smaller sizes.

Click through on this link to purchase this imperfectly perfect photo!

Do you have an imperfect photo that would make great art? I’d love to see it! Share it with me on Gab.

Please feel free to contact me if you have a family friendly design that you’d like me to create.

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