Our Best Local Public Rose Garden

While there is more than one place where we can enjoy roses in Lincoln, Hamann Rose Garden is our best local public rose garden in Lincoln, Nebraska.

One of the great things I love about this time of year is the heady scent of roses perfuming the air. And all the gorgeous colors, the soft silky feel of delicate petals, the never-ending display of gorgeous flowers of many kinds really make my day.

Our Best Local Public Rose Garden

Hamann Rose Garden, May, 2021

Hamann Rose Gardens

One of my favorite places here in Lincoln, Nebraska is the Hamann Rose Garden. The Rotary Rose Garden next to it is also very nice, and so are the Sunken Gardens across the street. These three public gardens are a wonderful place to go to see and photograph beautiful flowers, to hear the birds singing, and watch people, dogs, and butterflies enjoying this lovely bit of landscaped nature in the heart of the city. I try to visit them in different seasons every year.

More scenes from the Hamann Rose Garden:

Our Best Local Public Rose Garden


The gardeners move the roses around, adding new ones, replacing old ones that aren’t doing as well. The result is an amazing variety of roses.

A few of my favorite roses:

Sentimental rose

This gorgeous “Sentimental” rose features striped petals.

Wild Blue Yonder roses

This purple rose is named “Wild Blue Yonder.”

Tahitian Sunset rose - the quality of the roses make Hamann our best local public rose garden

This gorgeous peach rose is called “Tahitian Sunset.”

One of the things that makes Hamann Rose Garden our best local public rose garden is the care and attention that gardeners put into ensuring that all the roses are labeled. Sadly, there aren’t nearly as many plant stakes in the Rotary Rose Garden.

My Rose Garden-Related Projects

I enjoy the roses so much that I’m working on a coloring book featuring roses I’ve photographed locally. The coloring book is being edited and beta-tested right now. I hope to have it published soon.

I’ve also added more rose fabric designs to Spoonflower. I am selling a lot of rose artwork designs already on Zazzle and hope to add more soon.

Visit the BEST Rose Gardens, in Lincoln.

If you haven’t gotten to visit any of these gardens, I hope you’ll make the time soon! I know you’ll be hooked! I certainly am.

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