Time To Snuggle Up

It’s time to snuggle up! The mother of all cold snaps is about to hit us. We’re promised temps plunging below zero, high winds, and probably some snow and ice. This is winter in Nebraska. I won’t say that it’s 100% Nebraska winter-normal (that kind of thing doesn’t really exist), but every few winters, we

T.P. and Freedom or Bust

“T.P. and Freedom–or Bust!” I want to introduce you to my motto for 2022. It may seem a little ridiculous on the surface, but I assure you: there is a real purpose behind it. There is a real connection between the practical everyday necessities that we take for granted and our freedom. Take away our

Updated Free eCards and Online Puzzles

I’ve updated my free ecards and added to my online puzzles for your enjoyment and use–and I wanted to be sure to share them with you. I originally created these ecards to share on social media because I’m horrible at tracking birthdays, and my organization skills are somewhat lacking in this area as well. I

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