Updated Free eCards and Online Puzzles

I’ve updated my free ecards and added to my online puzzles for your enjoyment and use–and I wanted to be sure to share them with you.

Click here for free eCards and Online Puzzles

Click here for free eCards and online puzzles

I originally created these ecards to share on social media because I’m horrible at tracking birthdays, and my organization skills are somewhat lacking in this area as well. I could blame it on my quirky memory or on ADD-like lingering symptoms due to thyroid imbalances and microcytic anemia, but… Whatever the reason, I am unlikely to ever remember to send a birthday card to someone in time for their birthday, but–I am more than happy to wish them happy birthday on social media, and to share a beautiful ecard to show that I care.

Here is one of my favorite free eCards:

As you can see, I’m really into flowers and butterflies.

But–I also like a few other things as well. Like these sailboats:

All of the free ecards I’m currently sharing contain birthday greetings, but I do create other types of cards as well that you can purchase from me via Zazzle. Check out these Valentines cards. and Thank You cards.

I’ve added new winter puzzles to my online puzzles collection.

Here’s one of my favorite new designs:

Walking in a Snowy Forest Painterly

This particular design–called Walking in a Snowy Forest Painterly Jigsaw Puzzle–can also be purchased on Zazzle. Zazzle puzzles come with size and piece number options. Be sure to choose the options that best fit your preferences. Most of my jigsaw puzzles feature my original paintings. Some also feature Bible verses. And, I even have a special collection of puzzles just for children.

Here is one of my favorite puzzles for Children:

Mountain Drive Street Map Jigsaw Puzzle

Click through on image to purchase

This puzzle is one of my favorites because of its unusual shape and size (20 inches square), and because it can be used for more than one purpose. Once assembled and glued to a stabilizing surface, add a few toy cars, a tiny train, and small plastic animals to give your children hours of great fun.

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