T.P. and Freedom or Bust

“T.P. and Freedom–or Bust!”

I want to introduce you to my motto for 2022. It may seem a little ridiculous on the surface, but I assure you: there is a real purpose behind it.

There is a real connection between the practical everyday necessities that we take for granted and our freedom.

Take away our freedom, and these necessities (like toilet paper) also have a distressing tendency to disappear. Take away the necessities of life, and suddenly no one has any time to do anything else but chase after them–to the detriment of any freedom to choose otherwise and many other freedoms besides. It’s easy to say that no one should trade their freedom for these necessities–like toilet paper, but it’s far harder to fight that in real life.

What are the real alternatives to toilet paper, for instance? What did people use before they started using toilet paper? (It’s a fairly recent convenience-turned-necessity–and it wasn’t even splinter-free until 1935)

How about lamb’s ears?

Lamb's ears

Lamb’s ears is a plant.

Lamb’s ears are soft and fuzzy–and if your commode of choice is an outhouse or if you’re out in the wilderness and there are some growing nearby, they make a great substitute. But–the leaves don’t disintegrate like T.P. does when encountering water, so they aren’t such a good thing to introduce to modern toilets and plumbing. Neither are fresh corn cobs or old magazine pages; both of which have also historically been used in place of T.P. Unless we want to go back to using outhouses, TP has become a real necessity.

Freedom is also a necessity.

People who aren’t free are slaves. A slave has no control over any aspect of their lives. The entity enslaving them tells them what they can and can’t do on every level: what they can wear, what they can eat, where they must be, what kind of work they must do and for how long, and whether or not (and how long) they get to rest. Someone who is enslaved has no right to freedom of speech or freedom of assembly. A slave has no freedom of movement or of religion or the right to own anything that their masters choose to take away from them. Slaves exist totally and only to do the bidding of their masters.

Now; this might make their masters happy, but it makes slaves miserable. If you are a freedom-loving individual, then every part of your being revolts and rebels at the idea of being forced into slavery.

And this is why freedom is so important. It should not be within anyone’s ability to enslave or mistreat us. It should also not be within anyone’s ability to interfere with or disrupt the supply chain to such an extent that the basic necessities of civilization are denied to us or withheld unless we cooperate with our own enslavement.

Bumperstickers that read: Fight 4 UR T.P. like it's 2021 #EmptyShelvesJoe, and FIGHT for your FREEDOM like you fought for T.P.

Please feel free to copy and share this meme as long as you don’t alter it.

This is why I created the two bumper stickers shown in this meme.

Bumper sticker #1

Fight for your T.P. like it's 2021 Bumper Sticker

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Bumper sticker #2

Fight for your Freedom Like You Fought For T.P. Bumper Sticker

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And I also added a third:

T.P. and Freedom OR BUST Bumper Sticker

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