Time To Snuggle Up

It’s time to snuggle up! The mother of all cold snaps is about to hit us. We’re promised temps plunging below zero, high winds, and probably some snow and ice. This is winter in Nebraska. I won’t say that it’s 100% Nebraska winter-normal (that kind of thing doesn’t really exist), but every few winters, we experience weather like this.

Are you ready to stay warm?

I hope that your home has been weatherproofed, and that you have a good heater. Have you stocked up on soup and chili, and other good foods for chilly weather? Do you have alternative ways of heating if the electricity goes out? What about plenty of thick woolly socks and sweaters?

And–I also hope that you have snuggly blankets. But if you don’t–or if you’re in the market for more, I’d love to sell you some…like these raspberry pink and turquoise argyle Sherpa fleece blankets from Zazzle:

Time to snuggle up--with a cute pink and white argyle monogrammed Sherpa fleece blanket.

Click through to purchase these snuggly Sherpa fleece blankets.

This snuggly Sherpa fleece argyle blanket also comes in turquoise.

This snuggly Sherpa fleece argyle blanket also comes in turquoise.

Customize these blankets with monograms for you or your intended recipient.

They also come in a variety of other designs, such as my Bees Leaves Gold Kaleidoscope or Fall Leaves Rose Kaleidoscope design:

Bees Leaves Gold Kaleidoscope Monogrammed Sherpa blanket

This snuggly blanket features bees repeating around the gold circles.

Fall Leaves Rose Kaleidoscope Sherpa blanket

Created from an original painting of fall leaves with rose and gold hues.

Why I like kaleidoscope designs for blankets: they repeat in a pleasing way.

Up close, the bees and leaves design even has look of an intricately embroidered tapestry.

Click for a larger view–Can you see the bees?

And the Fall Leave Rose design is just absolutely gorgeous. It’s amazing how a few dead leaves can transform into this:

I create other designs as well, like this Scarlet and Cream tulips Sherpa blanket:

Tulips give this snuggly blanket a ruffled look.

Tulips give this snuggly blanket a ruffled look.

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