New 2023 Calendars

I want to introduce you to my new 2023 calendars.

I’m getting ready for the upcoming yearly wall hanging and tea towel challenges on Spoonflower. These events kick off in a few weeks with a calendar challenge, so I’ve been updating my calendar designs for 2023. Previously, my designs were all sized to fit Spoonflower’s preferred tea towel template–which uses a fat quarter’s worth of material. This year’s challenge showcases the new wall hanging design with a slightly shorter dimension than the tea towels. And I’m making more adjustments to my older designs as a result. The image below helps illustrate why.

New 2023 calendar wall hanging with patriotic ducklings

Click through to purchase as a tea towel or wall hanging, or as fabric (choose linen cotton canvas for the right dimension fat quarter)

Although this design works out pretty well with only minor tweaking, other designs have needed more intervention. For instance, I shrank the lighthouse and the sailboats, and added more water below the boats.

Lighthouse and sailboats 2023 calendar wall hanging and tea towel

Click through to purchase either of these lighthouse calendar designs

Fortunately, some designs didn’t need any tweaking at all for the new wall hangings, like these luscious strawberries:

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I also want to add more new and completely fresh 2023 calendars, like these winged pigs, maybe some penguins and t-rexes, and one with quokkas.

If you have any special requests, let me know. I’m always happy to create more of what my customers are specifically looking for.

check out these new 2023 calendars

For more tea towel and wall hanging designs, check out my collection.

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