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Ordering my designs on Raspberry Creek Fabrics is a little different from ordering them on Spoonflower or previously, on Zazzle.

Oh–I suppose it’s time to mention that I really had high hopes that this year, Spoonflower wouldn’t jump on the sin and self-destructive behavior bandwagon. But by June 14, they just couldn’t hold out any longer and–they promoted it again in their newsletter. I was very disappointed because I didn’t want to contribute to that in any way. This meant that I needed to find another platform to sell my designs on after investing quite a bit of time and money developing my store on Spoonflower.

I am happy to report that I’ve found a new site that I like even better than Spoonflower*.

I want to introduce you to Raspberry Creek Fabrics.

So, for the past couple of weeks, I’ve been busy checking their blog out, learning how to upload designs, testing my designs by ordering fabric, corresponding with them, and so on. Overall it has been a mostly positive experience, and I’ve found a few things that I’ve fallen in love with.

About ordering on Raspberry Creek Fabrics…

Mostly, I really do like their sale pages and options better–and I’m going to show you why.

First, when you visit my new store page, it’s very clean. There are options to toggle in the left column that will help you to limit the number of designs shown at right to just those that you’re interested in. The options are organized by Fabric or Wallpaper, Fabric category, Popular searches, and Colors.

I haven’t added any wallpaper to my store yet. I might do so eventually, but I’m not in a hurry to do it right now.

Ordering on Raspberry Creek is easy. Choose your fabric from my store...

This is my store front on Rasberry Creek Fabrics.

When you’ve chosen a design and clicked on it, the sale page offers some helpful options.

I particularly want to draw your attention to the ability to scale the print to the size of repeat that you prefer for your project.

This ability to adjust the scale of the print to fit your preferences is really useful! With my animal line drawing prints, I am setting the sizing so that they print on a 6 inch repeat up to a 24 inch repeat. With some of my more abstract designs, I am setting them to repeat from 12 inches to 36.

Before ordering on Raspberry Creek Fabrics, read the Fabric Printing Best Practices and Policies

I found this page very useful in deciding which fabrics to choose. Also, you need to check that box or the page won’t let you check out at the end.

Selecting the right fabric for your project

This is where I found that things got a little confusing. I prefer fabric made from natural fibers like cotton, linen, and rayon. But–there were so many choices! I had to do a little sleuthing to discover which fabrics would work well for my intended projects. And–when I did order, I assumed that the color would print more vividly on the tri-blend poly-cotton-spandex jersey I ordered than on the cotton canvas because of the differences in printing processes used for natural fibers and synthetic, and–boy, was I wrong! While neither one printed quite as I expected, I still like them both. I’ve ordered some other fabrics to test as well.

The cotton canvas is the larger, darker printed fabric at top/back, the jersey is at bottom/front.

If you aren’t sure which fabric to order, Raspberry Creek Fabrics has a Fabric Types page with a list of fabrics that they sell, and a brief description of what each of those fabrics is like and best used for. They also sell a set of fabric swatches for a small fee as well.

Please note that I wouldn’t recommend ordering the fabric swatches by themselves. The shipping cost more than doubles the price–but if you buy other products along with the swatches, the shipping becomes much more reasonable.

How much fabric are you ordering on Raspberry Creek Fabrics?

Here is one of the really big differences between Raspberry Creek and the other two websites: Raspberry Creek doesn’t offer printed swatches. Fabric is ordered in half yard increments. This can be good because–with half a yard–you really do get to see how the pattern repeats. But–it also costs more to buy half a yard than it does just one swatch. Not a lot more, though–

Just keep in mind that when you want more than half a yard, you need to add to your order in half yard increments. So, 1 yard is a quantity of “2”, a yard and a half is “3”, 2 yards is “4”, and so on.

After that, it’s just a matter of selecting the Add to cart button and checking out! Raspberry Creek offers a number of payment options which I am not going to go into here.

*I have SO much listed on Spoonflower that shutting my store down on their site will take some time. But, as I add my designs on Raspberry Creek Fabrics, I will remove them from Spoonflower until they have all been moved.

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