About Krystine Kercher - here she is with Penny (a friendly puppy)Are you looking for the creative influence of a graphic designer to inspire your home, your business, or what you wear?

About Krystine Kercher

She’s an artist, author and entrepreneur who creates from her heart for pleasure and the joy of sharing with others.

About Krystine Kercher’s Artwork

She loves to explore the fun–and funny–as well as quirky side of life, and she also loves creating florals and other designs. And she really loves color! Discover all of her favorite colors as she explores them in her artwork. Come with Krystine on her artist journey as she explores and celebrates good clean fun, family, food, florals, the world God made, and above all, her love for and appreciation of God.

Her design projects and catalog are presented here at Art and Design. Whether you’re looking for a customized gift, or designer decor for your home or office, you’ll find something to love about Krysti’s art.

Be sure to visit Krystine’s Coloring Books website for coloring projects and materials, and her author website for fun books and insight from the author.


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Click here for great Christian fiction.

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