Welcome to my page featuring aquatic fabric designs. These designs range in theme from coastal and oceanic to pond life and even aquarium fish and frogs.

Aquatic Design Categories:

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Turtles Turtles and frogs Saltwater reef fish

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Seals and Sea Life

Alternating horizontal bands feature seals frolicking in stylized waves and fish swimming among distressed clumps of seaweed, the odd clump has a loosely checked design.

Seals Seaweed Waves - aquatic, sea life - on Aqua


Dolphin and Whale Circular Vignettes

These circular vignettes are halfdrop designs, and can be sized to repeat every six inches or up to every twenty-four. Perfect for decorating with a coastal theme, print them on sturdier fabric to create pillows or beach totes.

Aquatic - Dolphins and Fish - Ocean Blue

Ocean Blue

Humpback Whales Squid on Turquoise


Aquatic Bioluminescence

The first two designs feature dolphins and sharks creating an underwater display as they interact with bioluminescent plankton. In the second set of designs, bioluminescent coral glows, creating magical nightime gardens on the coral reef.

Aquatic bioluminescence - dolphins blue


Bioluminescent Sharks Midnight Blue

Midnight Blue

Aquatic Bioluminescence - Corals Orange Green Midnight Blue

Orange, Green, Midnight Blue

Bioluminescent Corals Green on Midnight Blue

Green on Midnight Blue

Marbled Motoro Stingrays Batik

I don’t much care for stingrays in the general way of things (so sharp and stabby), but–when I saw these gorgeous marbled motoro rays, I just had to turn them into a batik design.

Marbled Motoro Stingrays Cocoa Gold Batik

Cocoa Gold Batik

Marbled Motoro Stingrays Forest Butterfly Green Batik

Forest Butterfly Green Batik

Marbled Motoro Stingrays Midnight Turquoise Sky

Midnight Turquoise Sky Batik

Spotted Ray Animal Print White on Black

Spotted Ray - Aquatic Animal Print White on Black

White on Black

Tiny Aquatic Worlds Betta Fish

Betta fish are so gorgeous, so I wanted to celebrate them in this design. Each little fish has its own little world…

Tiny Aquatic Worlds - Colorful Little Betta Fish - Cream


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