What do you think of when you hear the word nautical? Do you think of ships and  ropes and anchors, or maybe wooden barrels and chests? How about lighthouses and sailboats, scuba divers and sea turtles, and orcas?

Nautical Lighthouse Designs, Two Ways

Colorful Lighthouse Fabric Designs

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Nautical lighthouse fabric - Sea Blue

Sea Blue

Nautical lighthouse fabric - Desert Flower

Desert Flower

Nautical lighthouse fabric - Heather Grey

Heather Grey

Nautical lighthouse fabric - Marlin Blue

Marlin Blue

Nautical lighthouse fabric - Persian Jewel

Persian Jewel

Nautical lighthouse fabric - Sea Plum

Sea Plum



Nautical lighthouse fabric - Jester Red

Jester Red

These more traditional lighthouse designs are similar in composition to the designs shown above, but feature a more subdued color palette.


Sea Plum on Grey lighthouse fabric design

Sea Plum / Grey


Brick Red / Grey

Dark Blue / Grey

Shamrock / Grey

Cocoa / Grey

Jester Red / Grey

Sepia / Charcoal

Other artwork with nautical themes

Coming soon! Keep checking back.

This way back to Aquatic.

This way back to Aquatic

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