1970s Inspired Saltwater Reef Fish

Inspired by visits to the beach in the tropics and by 1970s prints, these saltwater reef fish are angel fish.

'70s Saltwater Reef Fish - Amethyst


'70s Saltwater Reef Fish - Sapphire Blue

Sapphire Blue

Saltwater Reef Fish - Aqua, Teal, Ocean Blue

Aqua Teal Ocean Blue

Brightly colored saltwater reef fish (two kinds of butterfly fish and a yellow puffer) dart between strands of kelp.

Saltwater Reef Fish - Gold, Caramel, Cocoa

Gold, Caramel, Cocoa

Saltwater Reef Fish - Pink, Rose

Pink, Rose

Saltwater Reef Fish - Silver, Green, Black-Green

Silver, Green, Black-Green

Saltwater Reef Fish - Lavender, Orchid, Purple

Lavender, Orchid, Purple

NEW! Kelp Streamers Fabric Coordinates

Kelp Streamers - Sage Forest Green

Sage Forest Green

Kelp Streamers Aqua Turquoise Teal

Aqua Turquoise Teal

Kelp Streamers - Gold Brown Espresso

Gold Brown Espresso

Kelp Streamers - Pink Rose

Pink Rose

Kelp Streamers Lavender Orchid Violet

Lavender Orchid Violet

This way back to the Aquatic designs.

This way back to the Aquatic designs.

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