I have lots of duck-themed fabric designs. Keep checking back to see what I’ve added.

Patriotic Ducks

Inspired by the childish wonder that appreciates the funny and delightful joys of baby ducklings as well as the joy of sparklers and fireworks on the fourth of July, this fabric design is perfect for creating clothing and crafts for all of your mischief-makers both young and old.

Patriotic ducks midnight blue

midnight blue

Medical Ducks

Created by special request for a friend whose husband is a nurse (his nickname is “Nurse Ducky”), these charming little ducks crack medical puns and duck jokes sure to entertain even the crankiest of patients, and would be great for making scrubs. I will be adding more colorways to this collection at some point. Check back.

medical ducks charcoal


medical ducks raspberry


medical ducks teal


This way for more ducks.

Right this way for more ducks.

This way back to the Birds.

This way back to the Birds.

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