There’s something amazing about the way that swallows and butterflies flit about in the fall.

Swallows and Butterflies - cranberry on pink

cranberry on pink

The butterflies are slower and more serene, of course, as they float around our flowers. Swallows zip and dive, and it’s delightful,  watching them do acrobatics as they catch bugs on the wing.

Swallows and Butterflies

Here’s a collection of fabric designs that celebrate the joy and delight of watching them fly. For these designs, I wanted to add texture as well as color and give them a country or farmhouse feel. So I distressed them with checks and stripes, and dots. Click on a thumbnail to visit the sale page.

Swallows and Butterflies - cocoa on sepia

cocoa on sepia

Swallows and Butterflies - charcoal on silver gray

charcoal on silver gray

Swallows and Butterflies - Navy blue on baby blue

Navy blue on baby blue

Swallows and Butterflies - green on mint

green on mint

Swallows and Butterflies - grape on lavender

grape on lavender

Swallows and Butterflies - turquoise on aqua

turquoise on aqua

Coordinating Distressed Pastels

I’d better say something here about fabrics and printing. These designs won’t print well on fabrics created from fiber blends. They’ll do better printed on 95-100% cotton or 95-100% synthetic (the printing processes used are different).

Don’t order the poly-cotton-spandex jersey in any of these colorways, though, as I don’t think that fiber blend will work for this.

Coordinating abstract design - silver gray

silver gray

Coordinating abstract design - sepia


Coordinating abstract design - aqua


Coordinating abstract design - baby blue

baby blue

Coordinating abstract design - mint


Coordinating abstract design - pink


Coordinating abstract design - lavender


This way back to the Birds.

This way back to the Birds.


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