As an author as well as an artist, promoting literacy and books is very important to me. So, I’ve created a page to showcase a collection of fabric and wallpaper designs celebrating the joy of reading.

Standalone Book Fabric Designs

The names of these designs may vary a little on Raspberry Creek Fabrics from what I’ve called them here, but–they are the right designs. These designs are bit busy and can be used as standalone fabrics or paired with the top three designs in the section below, or with plainer fabrics of your choice.

Books map the road to adventure

Neutral colors on winter white

For the love of books

Multicolor on dark bronze green

Cozy Library (with books)

Multicolor on winter white

Dark Academia (with books)

Reds and browns on espresso

Just Books Fabric Designs

Books - winter white

winter white

The backgrounds on the first three designs coordinate with the designs up above.

books - dark bronze green

dark bronze green

Books - espresso


eclipse blue

eclipse blue

Hot fudge

hot fudge

books - magenta


Red Dahlia

red dahlia

books - violet purple

violet purple

This way back to the top of the catalog

This way back to the top of the catalog

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