Fringed and scalloped coleus leaves are gorgeous–and they create beautiful botanical prints.

For now, I only have one fringed coleus leaves design.

…And it’s perfect for use this fall, especially at Thanksgiving and Christmas.

fringed red and gold coleus leaves

red and gold – click through to purchase

The scalloped coleus leaves allowed for multiple colorways.

Viewed larger, the delicate details on these coleus leaves look very lacy.

Viewed larger, the delicate details on these leaves look very lacy.

I’ve created two sets: one with darker, bolder colors, and one with a paler, more subdued color palette.

Bold Palette Coleus

coleus leaves

Brown Cocoa / Silver

Coleus leaves

Gold / Silver Gray

Love Bird Green / Silver

Classic Blue / Silver

Red / Silver Gray

Turquoise / Silver Gray

Violet / Silver Gray

Shabby Pastel Coleus Palette

coleus leaves

Frosty Blue / silver gray

Lilac Pink / Cream

Mint Green / silver gray

coleus leaves

Champagne / Cream

Lavender / Pale Pink

coleus leaves

Rose / Cream

Sage Green / Silver

coleus leaves

Gray / Silver

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