Inspired by Swedish dala horses, I created two colorful designs: one ditsy and one with the horses in rows. They also come in your choice of fabric or wallpaper.

Dala Horses Fabric

These fabric designs are perfect for use in making baby and toddler Christmas outfits as well as pajamas for kids of all ages.

Dala Horses in rows

Row fabric

Ditsy dala horses on white fabric

Ditsy Fabric

Horses Wallpaper

I can’t quite see papering an entire wall with either of these designs. But–I could definitely see using smaller samples for lining drawers or covering a box for Christmas keepsakes. Or, what about using a piece as the background in a shadowbox?

Dala Horses in rows wallpaper

Row wallpaper

Dala horses multicolor ditsy wallpaper

Ditsy wallpaper

Coordinate these designs with

Christmas Ornaments and Gingerbread collections

This way back to Christmas.

This way back to Christmas.

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