For these spring florals (tulips, daffodils, and peonies), I used papercut designs and watercolors.

Papercut designs can be created using scissors and paper (very old-school), or using a laser (so cutting edge!) or digitally, using various techniques. I used various digital techniques, like adding shadows to my designs and layering colors after I traced them in Krita.

I will be adding more designs to this page soon. Keep checking.

Spring Florals: Tulips and Daffodils

Papercut Fabric Designs

Spring florals: Daffodils papercut fabric

White/Orange/Blue Sage/Cream

Pomegranate/Soft Gold Tulips Papercut Fabric

Pomegranate/Soft Gold/White

Spring florals: Tulips Papercut Fabric

Purple/Mauve/White/Soft Jade

Papercut Wallpaper Designs

Tulips and Daffodils: Daffodil wallpaper

White/Orange/Blue Sage/Cream

Spring florals: Pomegranate/Soft Gold/Green Lichen/White wallpaper

Pomegranate/Soft Gold/Green Lichen/White

Spring florals: Purple/Mauve/White/Soft Jade wallpaper

Purple/Mauve/White/Soft Jade

Spring Floral Tulips and Peonies

Watercolor Fabric and Wallpaper

I used digital watercolor brushes and techniques to create these delicate floral designs inspired by spring flowers.

Spring florals: Watercolor Tulips and Peonies Fabric


Tulips and Peonies wallpaper


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