Whether you’re looking for basic stripes, checks, plaid, polka dots, or more complicated geometric designs, you’ll find them all here.

Basic Geometric Designs

Watercolor Plaid Geometric

Some designs are printed only on fabric. Others are also printed on wallpaper. If you don’t see what you want, please contact me. I’m happy to create new artwork to accommodate my clients’ preferences.

Basic Checks Geometric

This way to the boho zigzags geometric...

This way to the Light Polka Dots

This way to the Watercolor Dots

This way for more Plaid Geometric Fabric

More Complicated Designs

Heptagons Geometric

Paisley Snails

Puzzle Maze Geometric

I’ll be adding more geometric designs soon! Check back for more.

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This way back to the top of the Catalog.

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