If you like puzzles and mazes, then… this puzzle maze-inspired fabric design is for you! Follow the winding paths to a teardrop or a leaf shape, or into the center of a spiral. The blind corners and dead ends are skillfully disguised. Only you can decide where the design will take you. If you like this design but have another color combination in mind, please feel free to contact me. I’d love to hear from you.

Puzzle Maze Fabric Design

Puzzle Maze: Dragonfruit pink on Emerald

Dragonfruit Pink on Emerald

Lagoon on Navy

Lagoon on Navy

Puzzle Maze: Lavender on Plum

Lavender on Plum

Peach on Cardinal Red

Peach on Cardinal

Puzzle Maze: Petal Pink on Bamboo

Pink on Bamboo

Puzzle Maze: Silver on Charcoal

Silver on Charcoal

Taxicab Yellow on Bamboo

Yellow on Bamboo

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This way back to Geometric Designs.

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