This freeform watercolor design features large and small dots arranged in random patterns.

Boho Watercolor Dots

Watercolor Dots - Bronze


So very boho. What can you make with these colorways? The sky’s the limit.

Watercolor Dots - lemon


Atlantic blue

Orange Zest

Watercolor Dots - light sage

Light Sage

Coffee Bean

Desert Rose

Watercolor Dots - wild sage

Wild Sage

Watercolor Dots - warm gray

Warm Gray


Sunset Orange

More Boho Coordinates

These designs coordinate with my Boho Florals along with my other abstract and geometric Boho design collections, which can be found here:

This way to the Abstract Minimalist Boho collection

This way to the boho zigzags...

This way back to the Geometric Designs.

This way back to the Geometric Designs.

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