These window and wide plaid designs for fall and winter feature muted color palettes and wide stripes.

Window Plaid Fabric Designs

This design is the boldest of the lot, but I deliberately made the others more muted so they’d fit with a shabby or rustic farmhouse theme.

Window Plaid Cocoa Gray Steel

Cocoa and Gray Steel

Window Plaid Blue Tan

Blue and Tan

Window Plaid Heather Sage

Heather and Sage

Window Plaid Mauve Mint

Mauve and Mint

Window Plaid Tan Silver

Tan and Silver

Wide Plaid Fabric Designs

Wide Plaid Pine Green Charcoal Warm Silver

Pine Green, Charcoal, Warm Silver

 These wide striped plaids have more of a tweed print to them.

Wide Plaid Violet Charcoal Green Pewter

Violet, Charcoal, Green Pewter

Cocoa, Charcoal, Silver

Cocoa, Charcoal, Silver

Wide Plaid - Navy, Espresso, Cream

Navy, Espresso, Cream

Wide Plaid - Golden Olive, Charcoal, Pearl Gray

Golden Olive, Charcoal, Pearl Gray

Avocado Green, Charcoal, Pearl Grey

Avocado Green, Charcoal, Pearl Grey

Wide Plaid - American Blue, Charcoal, Pewter

American Blue, Charcoal, Pewter

Jade, Charcoal, Warm Silver

Jade, Charcoal, Warm Silver

Basics Reimagined

This basic checks design is part of my Basics Reimagined collection. Find coordinating fabrics here:

This way to the Loose Weave Prints

This way to the Light Polka Dots

This way to the basic checks

I will be adding more to this mix-and-match collection. Keep checking back.

This way to the Geometric Designs.

This way to the Geometric Designs.

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