I’m adding some sports and fitness designs here that I hope will help us all enjoy getting fit a bit more.

Are you a bit like me–do you struggle to find time for fitness? I used to love going for hikes, and I still really enjoy walking at the park. I also enjoy yard games like boules. And, anything that makes getting fit fun always gets my vote. So, now; check out these designs:

Sports and Fitness Designs

Sports and Fitness: basketball

Sports and fitness: Boules

(Sports and) Little Green Men Fitness

Coming Soon!

Sports and Fitness: Active Urban People Toile

I’ve gotten a lot of inspiration for my designs from hikes and walks that I’ve taken as well as trips to the zoo. Check out these categories for more fitness-inspired designs:

Sports and fitness-inspired designs: Animals

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This way back to the top of the Catalog.

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