Check out this active urban people toile – or as I like to call it: Toile with a twist!

Maybe you’ve enjoyed the more traditional versions of toile, with pictures of children in period dress playing games or with scenes from China or Japan? Well, this is not that kind of toile. These designs are very modern, and feature skyscrapers, bridges, and even a few jets as well as people of all ages and abilities enjoying the great outdoors with their pets. Garlands of bamboo and morning glories add a nice botanical touch to every scene.

Active Urban People Toile

Fabric Designs

Active urban people toile - royal blue / cream

Royal blue / cream

Charcoal grey / cream

Charcoal / silver grey

Active urban people toile - Green / cream

Green / cream

Active urban people toile - Orange / cream

Orange / cream

Fucshia / cream

Fucshia / cream

Grape / cream

Grape / cream


This way back to Sports and Fitness.

This way back to Sports and Fitness.

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