Sleep with herds of zebras

What if you could sleep with herds of zebras? Or roam the Serengeti in your dreams? A while ago, one of my customers bought a set of king sized sheets and a pair of Euro-style square pillow shams on Spoonflower. Or, if you want to put it another way, my customer bought thousands of tiny

Spoonflower Zazzle and Sin

I want to share with you a brief note about Spoonflower and Zazzle… and an entire month dedicated to sin and abomination. Last year, when Spoonflower went all out for sin and perversion for the month of June, I filed a complaint. I told them in no uncertain terms that they were hurting MY BUSINESS

Art Nouveau Seasons

Whether it’s the seasons of the year or the seasons of life, Art Nouveau is the perfect design medium for exploring the beautiful changes that time brings.

It takes forty-two six-inch square swatches to fill up a yard of printed fabric. This is important because it’s a much better deal to buy one yard with 42 swatches than it is to buy just a swatch or two at a time from Spoonflower. I just filled up another yard of swatches–so now I get to post these for sale and tell you all about them.

I’ve created six Art Nouveau designs for this fabric collection. Two feature the seasonal vignettes and one celebrates motherhood and boys. I’ve posted them for sale on Spoonflower, and now they’re available for you to buy for your crafting and sewing needs, and enjoy.

Art Nouveau for a Happy New Year

Check out my four latest designs for an upcoming Spoonflower challenge dedicated to Art Nouveau:

Art Nouveau Dirigibles throw mockup

Steampunk Dirigibles

Momma's blessing pillow

Momma’s Blessing

Art Nouveau seasons vignettes with spirals wallpaper

Art Nouveau seasons with spirals

Art Nouveau Seasons round tablecloth mockup

Art Nouveau Seasons


While the two with seasonal vignettes are similar in design, the other two designs are very different, yet they are all Art Nouveau. In researching art styles for this challenge, I realized that there are significant differences between Art Nouveau and Art Deco.

  • Art Nouveau (or ‘the new art’) is more organic: it flows. Colors are more muted but very rich. Blues, greens, and purples provide gorgeous backdrops for brown, gold, and cream tones.
  • Art Deco is more geometric and structured. It can be boxy and is often very glitzy and glamorous.

Circular designs, curves, and spirals define Art Nouveau. Designs repeat organically and feature layered elements. Themes from nature are juxtaposed with celebrations of the human form and even the odd mechanical wonder from the beginning of the industrial age.

Can Elephants Dance the Hula?

Can elephants dance the hula? I wondered as I considered options for new artwork to submit to the Bohemian Paradise Challenge on Spoonflower.

My last effort at a good Bohemian Paradise entry took a hairpin turn into so baby elephant cute, I felt it lost the Bohemian feel altogether.

I really needed to try again. Hmmm… Elephants are tropical, pop a lei and a wrap on one, and it might even look Bohemian. Bohemian elephants dancing…

Shop for cute hula elephants fabric and craft supplies on Zazzle

Shop for cute hula elephants fabric and craft supplies on Zazzle

Momma and baby elephant

The Sweetest Momma and Baby Elephant

Check out this momma and baby elephant! Isn’t this the sweetest momma and baby elephant you’ve ever seen?

Where did they come from? Oh yeah…

Click through to shop my Sweet Elephants Fabric Collection on Zazzle

Click through to shop my Sweet Elephants Fabric Collection on Zazzle.

I’ve been working on designs for fabrics, wallpaper, and wrapping paper on Spoonflower. I got inspired to create a design to enter in the Bohemian Paradise contest.

At least, that’s where this whole thing started this week. I was just sure I had the right sketch to use for this…

Jackrabbits Trot

Jackrabbits don’t hop like little bunnies. No, jackrabbits lope and trot. They also gallop. I discovered this for the first time when I was six.

Jackrabbit trot limited palette design

Purchase this design on Spoonflower

One of the things I really love about western Nebraska–besides the wonderful and amazing people in my family who live there–is the beauty of all those wide open spaces. There’s something extra special about the clean purity of the air sweeping over the high plateau (when California isn’t trying to burn to a charred crisp). I love the blue of the sky out west, and the sunflowers in the autumn, and…the jackrabbits year-round.