Spoonflower Zazzle and Sin

I want to share with you a brief note about Spoonflower and Zazzle… and an entire month dedicated to sin and abomination. Last year, when Spoonflower went all out for sin and perversion for the month of June, I filed a complaint. I told them in no uncertain terms that they were hurting MY BUSINESS

T.P. and Freedom or Bust

“T.P. and Freedom–or Bust!” I want to introduce you to my motto for 2022. It may seem a little ridiculous on the surface, but I assure you: there is a real purpose behind it. There is a real connection between the practical everyday necessities that we take for granted and our freedom. Take away our

An Updated Custom Stores Page

I’ve created an updated custom stores page–check it out! One of the things I’ve done to make it more accessible is adding button links to most of my Zazzle stores. If you’ve visited my custom stores page before, you may notice that some links that were previously here are now missing. Updating my custom stores

ArtAndDesign replaces ContraryMarket

ArtAndDesign replaces Contrary Market… What do you do when you realize that you’d really prefer to keep all of your creative efforts together under one website “roof”? You create a subdomain! Whether you use an ampersand or spell it out with the and, ArtAndDesign is replacing ContraryMarket. I’m still working on rebuilding this website, but

Craft Project: Hand-Painted Sunflower Frames

Craft project: Hand-painted sunflower frames I’ve been corresponding with a client since before Christmas about a special project she wanted undertaken: hand-painted triptych sunflower photo frames. Recently, she finally gave the go-ahead to collect the materials and begin the project. My process: Sketch in the artwork paint in the background colors and dark tones in the