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I’d like to call your attention to several income opportunities that derive from my artwork: you can earn referral sales, sell your own products using materials printed with my designs, or collaborate with me on products to sell.

1. Promote my Zazzle links and make money:

I currently sell my designs on Zazzle and Spoonflower–and have access to hundreds of products to design on.

  • On Zazzle, almost all of my designs can be personalized in some way by customers. Customers love this.
  • While I do share links to my own products on a regular basis, I don’t have the personal time to put into marketing that it really requires.
  • A significant percentage of my sales comes from 3rd party referrals.

If you like my artwork and would like the opportunity to financially profit from sharing it, here’s how:

Become a Zazzle associate and share links to my artwork (many of my sales are 3rd party referrals), and you can earn 15% per sale plus up to a 17% volume bonus. Share a link to any of my designs or collections on Zazzle and receive 15% per sale when someone makes a purchase from your link. When done properly, referral sales can pay better than designing! Read the Designer and Associate Handbook for more information as to how.

A few suggestions on where and how you can share my product links and attract an audience:

  • Pinterest,¬†Instagram, and other social media sites that are product-image-friendly
  • Your own website or blog
  • Write articles (for sites that accept articles) around topics related to my designs and share images and links.
    • Try Bored Panda
  • Interview me! I’m happy to oblige.
  • Alert me when you post–and where possible, I’ll share a link.

Choose products from my Zazzle collections or from one of my stores.

2. Create products using fabric and craft supplies purchased on Zazzle or fabric and wallpaper purchased on Spoonflower, and sell on Etsy and similar websites–and make money.

I don’t have very much time to sew or be crafty, but I am always happy to collaborate with seamstresses and tailors on prints for fabrics and with crafters for prints and designs for ribbons, stamps, stickers, wallpaper, and whatever else appeals to you. And–I am also happy to promote the items that you sew using my fabric designs.

3. I take special requests for designs:

If there’s a design topic you’d like to promote that you know you could sell–that I’m not designing around yet, but would be in keeping with what I’m already doing–please feel free to request it. I can’t promise to accommodate every request, but I frequently enjoy the challenge of trying new things.

General categories that I design for:

  • cute
  • clean
  • funny/punny
  • Christian
  • Christmas and other Christian holidays
  • political/patriotic
  • birthday
  • wedding/anniversary
  • graduation
  • pets
  • babies/kids/expecting
  • home
  • business
  • travel

My artwork tends to feature:

  • floral designs
  • cute or cartoon-style animals
  • photographs and digital paintings
  • original graphics
  • abstract designs
  • found objects
  • repeating prints

4. Other possible collaborations:

I would be interested in exploring opportunities to work with printers and marketers in the Lincoln/Omaha (Nebraska) area to sell locally made print-on-demand merchandise featuring my artwork. If this is something that you’d be interested in, please contact me.